Looking for Help with Anxiety, Panic, Worry or Trauma?


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Benefits of Therapy

1 .Understand How Emotions Affect Your Life

"Dr. Glover helped me learn a lot about how I process events and emotions as well as how I can improve that process. He was a great help during a tough stretch of time for me, and his approach was very helpful."


"Through therapy with Dr. Glover, I have been able to see how I overcame past challenges and have the power to chart a new direction for the present. His approach of unpacking past experiences to uncover moments of success helped me to realize that challenges will come and go; but, belief in and love of self will sustain me through it all! " 

Forever grateful, 



"Dr. Glover is thoughtful, astute, frank and supportive. I felt at ease in my sessions; we were able to address difficult issues in depth. As such, I have consistently suggested Dr. Glover to others who seek therapy. He is very, very good!" CJP

2. Change Unhelpful Belief Patterns

“In our time together I think that Dr. Glover's use of connecting cognitive thought to physical actions has been very therapeutic in helping me manage my personal struggles. He has helped me to identify where I could better empathize with those around me. However, above all I have appreciated his guidance in helping me identify causes for my own self obstructing habits and finding appropriate ways to cope.”


"I'm grateful for the time I spent in therapy with Dr. Glover. When we started working together, I was feeling stuck and unable to break out of a habit of thinking of every little mistake I made as a crisis. His use of mindfulness and CBT, along with his warm, calm demeanor, helped me break that habit. As a result, I have the tools to move confidently toward my goals." LF


"Dr Glover gave me tools to reassess my assumptions about myself, and to develop new ways to tackle the challenges of life. With his help, I've learned to re-frame anxious situations as opportunities to learn and grow; I now have greater capacity to get things done, and am on a path towards becoming a better husband and parent." 


3. Face Your Fears


"My son was suffering from anxiety attacks which first started causing significant stress in middle school. When we first met with Dr. Glover he developed a strong rapport with my son and taught my son practical skills to effectively respond to the anxiety attacks. These skills have allowed my son to feel secure in his ability to react in a positive manner." 


"Getting treatment from Dr. Glover was a huge blessing in my life. When I began seeing him, my main issue was panic disorder. I could not even walk 10 feet down the sidewalk without experiencing a full blown panic attack. I couldn't go out with friends, go to restaurants, drive in my car, go grocery shopping, or go to work. It was debilitating and I was ready to give up. I had never felt full trust in a provider until I met Dr. Glover. His calmness, kindness, and techniques helped me to push myself within my limits and at my own pace, and explore what I had experienced that led me to have the difficulties I was having, in order for me to begin getting better. After seeing Dr. Glover for several years, I am proud to say that I have greatly improved in my conditions, and I gained full functionality back. I have a full time job again, I'm back at college, and I have much better interpersonal relationships. Dr. Glover's professionalism, knowledge, compassion and obvious care and belief in me was what I needed to help believe in myself again, and I still follow things that he taught me on how to manage my anxiety and other issues. My family and I are all extremely grateful to Dr. Glover because he helped me get my life back. No exaggeration, I owe a huge part of my recovery to him."


4. Achieve Your Goals


"Dr. Glover helped me gain insight and clarity on my issues. More importantly, we mutually formed a plan to work through those issues and toward my long term goals. I am better for having seen Dr. Glover."  Anonymous

“Dr. Glover was very diligent in helping me identify my goals and how I can better create a path in which to attain them. He was able to help me understand self-hindering thoughts and how to overcome them. I am very appreciative of his hard work with me and strongly recommend!” 

"I met with Dr. Glover 10 times/over the course of 3 months to work through some personal/professional issues. He was a consummate pro who gave very sound advice. He listened more than he spoke. He asked great questions. He was incredibly thoughtful and kind. I recommend Dr. Glover's services for anyone who is looking for help. "


Bryant Alexander

5. Change Destructive Behaviors


"Through therapy with Dr. Glover, I was able to recognize the underlying patterns to my behaviors. This allowed me to change how I reacted in stressful situations and to eventually feel more confident in my own instincts. He was also the first therapist to keep me on track with my treatment plan - others allowed me to divert the conversation into directions I was far more comfortable discussing, which ultimately wasted my time and theirs."


"When I came to Dr. Glover I was dealing with frustration over certain conditions in my life. I was overwhelmed with the work which was causing me to lash out at others both at work and at home. I found Dr. Glover's style conducive to my needs. I needed someone to listen. I would sit down and before I knew it time was up. Dr. Glover made me comfortable and allowed me the space I needed to express my thoughts. In addition to his warmth he helped me find tactics for identifying triggers and helped me develop strategies to stop them from overwhelming me. I eventually had to make a change in my life and I believe my time with Dr. Glover provided me the clarity to do so. " 


"Dr. Glover helped me through a period of transition in which I relocated across the country and started a new job in a city where I did not know anyone. I was struggling with anxiety and minor depression. Dr. Glover helped me identify and reinforce behaviors that helped get me out of my funk and taught me exercises to see other's perspectives despite my self-involvement. "


More About Anxiety Treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

What to Expect with CBT

  • Structured, time-limited, focused on the now, and problem-solving oriented package of 12 to 15 sessions.

  • Practice in identifying irrational/unhelpful thoughts, and self-sabotage behaviors.

  • Identifying irrational and unhelpful thinking styles

  • Looking at situations from different points of view.

  • Paying attention to emotions related to the treatment goal.

What is CBT?

CBT combines cognitive and behavioral treatment philosophies to address patterns of distorted thinking and maladaptive behaviors that contribute to negative mood states (depression, anxiety, frustration, etc).

The focus of CBT is on the here-and-now—on the problems that come up in a person’s day-to-day life.

CBT helps people to look at how they interpret and evaluate what is happening around them and the effects these perceptions have on their emotional experience.  

Goals of CBT

  • To teach strategies and skills.

  • Teaching monitoring of moods and behaviors.

  • The overall goal of CBT is to teach you to develop the skills to work out problems on your own (be your own therapist).

About the Office

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The First Visit

What to Bring :

- Insurance Card (if using)

- Form of payment for co-pays or session fees (cash, check, or credit cards accepted)

- Treatment documents will be emailed to you for electronic signature before the first meeting.

Overview of Sessions :

- Sessions typically last for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

- All sessions are confidential with some exceptions (which will be explained at the beginning of the first session).

- The first 2 to 3 sessions are used to gather more information about the problem you are seeking help with, your goals for treatment, and history of the problem

Once the problem and goals have been identified, a treatment approach will be discussed collaboratively. 

- After we have completed your treatment plan, we can decide on the frequency of meetings. 

Not Sure if You Are Covered?

  • Contact your insurance provider and ask about your coverage. Below are some of the questions to ask:

  • What is my deductible?

  • How much of my deductible has been met?

  • Will you reimburse the provider if I go out of network for my psychotherapy care?

  • What is my co-pay?

  • Are there any limits to the plan (number of sessions per calendar year)?

  • Does psychotherapy require pre-authorization?

  • When does the deductible reset?

  • Is there a lifetime maximum for out of pocket costs?